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Oil On Canvas 

70cm X 100cm






"Madaripara is a remote and isolated island in Northern Bangladesh and like all the other islands in this region it was suffering with the growing effects of climate change and had seen flooding increase over the years. This flooding was devastating in so many ways. The Social Purpose Organisation Friendship had created a programme focusing on economic development and economic resilience from floods, storms and river erosion. 

Pride, resilience and hope were the emotions that I saw in the eyes of the villagers as I spoke to them of their plans, ideas and their partnership with Friendship. These emotions were obvious when I met Abdul Jolin who held his sheep with pride. He had experienced much in his life but he could now see a path way clearing. The damage and consequences of climate change was not going to go away and they knew it would probably get worse but they also knew that they were no longer powerless."

Words by the artist, James Earley.

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