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Founder Esther Sinclair, is proud to present The Sinclair Gallery, a gallery showcasing works of a Realistic genre, for the most part, by living artists who have either obtained their skills from the current neoclassical ateliers or are impressive prominent self-taught artists who capture the essence of real life subjects in various ways.


Realism is taken to mean something original to The Sinclair Gallery, we want to see a realistic style of art portrayed in various ways including old master copies, hyper-realism, narrative, figurative, still-life and representational works, any way that highlights the technical ability that is required to create these works of art. 

The uniqueness of this gallery originates from the founder’s own experience and training in Classical Realism, gained by taking workshops at ateliers such as the Edinburgh Atelier of Fine Art, the Academy Of Realist Art, the Florence Academy and others. It is the gallery's aim to present an opportunity to the public as well as artists to delve into the realm of realism like never before.

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The Sinclair Gallery proudly promotes Artists with exceptional talent and skill. As well as visual success on a 2D plain, Artists of this style have to face the challenge of narrative and engagement which the Gallery fully embraces and mentors. Through the portrayal of realism, the Gallery takes the viewer on a journey of inclusivity, focusing on portraiture, still life and landscapes with an emphasis on figurative and naturalistic movements.


As well as the training received at the atelier workshops, Esther, born in Scotland, has travelled and studied part time, taking intensive workshops, with several ‘living masters’ such as Fernando Freitas, Jura Bedic, David Gray and Rob Zeller.

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Through determination and hard work, she has founded a one of a kind Gallery that offers living Artists the opportunity to display their work, as well as allowing the local community to be involved and engaged with the art world. 

Through experience, Esther has seen the impact of galleries concentrating on investment opportunities rather than on exhibiting beautifully technical and talented artwork or community outreach, that some may not deem to be commercially viable. This brought Esther to the decision to open a gallery with paintings for the viewer and buyer who also admire these traditional values.


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