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Young artist Alastair brings his

incredible paintings to the Gallery.


Born in Staffordshire in 1995, Alastair Brown has been fascinated with classical painting from a young age. Inspired by the infinite ways paint can be manipulated and applied to create each piece of art, Alastair sought to develop his knowledge of painting before pursuing his career.

Rainbow Plums.jpg

Choosing to study the traditional techniques used in 19th-century ateliers, he began training at the London Atelier of Representational Art (LARA) in September 2016. Through his classical training, Alastair has seen his skills develop as his understanding of painting and drawing techniques grew.

Rainbow Plums. Oil on aluminium.


Through the in-depth analysis of life; from the colours within colours to the subtle changes in shape and gesture, this training has forever changed the way he sees and interacts with the world. Alastair strives to create paintings of subjects that inspire him, and is continuing to develop his own individual style.

Megan. Oil on linen.


Stay tuned!

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