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Becky Gouverneur Exhibition

13 APRIL 2021 - 12 MAY 2021



Exhibition Info

The Sinclair Gallery is delighted to present Becky Gouverneur, Charcoal and Pencil Animal Artist.

The exhibition features a range of small and large realistic, detailed portraits of animals by the artist.

When you view Becky's work, it will leave you amazed at the intricate detail she achieves, and charcoal is not an easy medium to control! ! Some of her work could easily pass as photographic such as the attention to every hair, feather or glassy eye. 

Becky's works are available to purchase via our gallery.


About Becky Gouverneur

Becky Gouverneur is a professional artist specialising in realistic, detailed portraits of animals. She works primarily in graphite and charcoal but occasionally in colour with pastel or coloured pencil. Her high contrast, quirky images, most often presented on a stark white background, are born from her background as a professional studio photographer. Becky uses this experience to combine dramatic, high-quality photographs which capture the personality and character of her subject with her intricate and detailed drawing work. These two abilities combined set Becky apart in her field and result in some dramatic images full of life and fun!

Becky is a highly accomplished artist, a qualified teacher and a photographer.  In her relatively short time in this industry, she has exhibited her work across the South East and spends the majority of her time undertaking numerous private commissions and work for gallery exhibition.

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