China's work deals with our desire to look into peoples lives and observe their private moments.


Having always had an unhealthy love of classical paintings since a very young age, China’s pursuit of perfection has led her to train with the Academy of Realist Art after graduating from Wimbledon College of Art. Her practise now covers a wide breadth of disciplines including commercial works for Dominos, Xero, Amazon, and other challenges such as storyboards and scenic painting.

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Outside of these roles, her primary painting subjects are generated from the exploration of voyeurism. Looking into people’s lives and observing their private moments is a guilty pleasures everyone can admit to. She challenges a three-sided engagement between the viewer, artist and the sitter. The question is made - who is looking at who?


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Over the past years, China has taken this idea and applied it to look into the natural world and question whether those principles can still exist with brainless beings. The effect of the human hand on mother nature is an impressively fearful factor in today’s world.  Perspective can tell a story in a whole new light and make you wonder who is in control? Who will win in the end? She paints from angles that make the viewer feel small and realise that perhaps we are not the winners in this leg race, and the viewers must stop and take in the beauty of life in all aspects. The undisturbed angles in which China captures, show the true essence of nature and like her figurative world, makes you wonder as the viewer, should you really be looking in?