Anne is a still life artist based in North Hertfordshire, and has been drawing and painting since childhood.

Initially she pursued a career in a department of the Civil Service where she used her artistic skills in cartographical drawing, but painting watercolours, especially of birds, in her spare time.

In 1972 her work was accepted by a London art dealer and publisher and for the next 25 years her work was exhibited in galleries around Britain and the United States.

By the time she became a full time artist in 1998, she was working in oils, and had expanded from wild life and botanical subjects to still life, inspired by the Dutch and Flemish masters.

Anne has exhibited at the Mall Galleries in London, WH Patterson London, and the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, and has been a regular artist in galleries in Burford and Letchworth Garden City since 2007.


"I am not seeking to achieve photo realism.  The single camera lens records it's own version of reality:  the image is captured in a moment, determined by the shutter speed and focal length.  My aim is to record what i see as accurately as i can, and also to convey an atmosphere of stillness and a timeless quality that develops with many days or weeks."  Anne Songhurst.

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