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Emma is a contemporary British Magical Realist painter, whose work strives to explore the basic human feelings of want, freedom, joy, hope, sorrow, and our relationship with nature.


Emma lives with her family in a seaside town, close to London. Her exploration into Fine Art started some years ago, with her artistic journey blossoming whilst studying Theatre Design at Central St Martins, as well as illustrating children’s books for many years.


Emma's latest figurative work only began to evolve and develop over the last few years, since 2018, after completing a portrait of her daughter Mia – the eldest of her 4 children - in which she used silver leaf as a medium, for the first time. She then went on to do many more portraits of her other children, wherein, the artwork began to develop a little more into symbolism and juxtaposing nature alongside the human form. 

There is also, often a play with internal and external locations, with manmade structures juxtaposed with natural elements, the thread of theatricality in her work very apparent. Alongside oil paint, Emma uses and gold and silver leaf in most of her work, both fascinated by the leaf’s ability to enrich a piece, and determined to understand and explore the medium’s intricacies.

The Keeper. Oil Paint on linen, with tarnished silver leaf.


Her work strives to explore the basic human feelings of want, freedom, joy, hope, sorrow and our relationship with nature.

Her first artistic breakthrough as a Fine Artist was in August 2020, on being one of the winners of London Art 2020, the exhibition of which is due to be held on Jan 17th 2022 (delay due to Covid restrictions).

She has also, more recently been chosen as one of the finalists for the Visual Arts Open competition in 2021. The exhibition for this is to be held on November 12 until November 24 (this will be a virtual exhibition).

Lockdown Kid. Oil on wooden panel with Caplain leaf.


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