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Ewan's stunning paintings need to be seen to be believed.


Ewan, an Edinburgh based artist, is a strong believer in beauty for the sake of beauty. He feels as though we’re living in an age where art can easily become visual one-liners, and where technical excellence is marginalised for the sake of an easier path by painters that do not want to explore the craftsmanship side of their work, and the years it takes for any artist to thoroughly learn his medium.

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Because he believes so strongly in the idea that technical capability is paramount to the artist’s voice being accurately portrayed he built the Academy of Realist Art Edinburgh in 2012, which has now evolved into the Edinburgh Atelier of Fine Art to create the opportunity for others, like himself that believe that craftsmanship and concept create the clearest vehicle of artistic expression.

Still Life. Oil on canvas.

IMG_3105 2.JPG

As well as teaching at the Atelier, Ewan lectures and teaches workshops throughout Europe and North America and has authored instructional articles in internationally distributed art publications.

Still Life, 2019. Oil on canvas.


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