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Oil On Canvas 

52cm X 76cm






"I met Kabita in the village of Ramia in the Southern coastal region of Bangladesh. This isolated and remote region was suffering with the growing consequences of climate change. Cyclones and flooding were becoming increasingly regular and the people of Ramia had no where else to go so they had no choice but to live through this anguish and turbulence.

I wanted to paint Kabita in both colour and black and white to show the extremes that I could see in Kabita. Kabita was an old lady who had lived in Ramia all her life and she was aware and fearful of the growing number of cyclones affecting her region. This fear was constantly fighting against her resilience and hope that the village could get through such disasters. It was fear and resilience that I wanted to show in this painting."

Words by the artist, James Earley.

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