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Whitley Bay artist Lee Coxon's work ranges from modern day portraits to classical reproductions.


Lee Coxon lives in the scenic seaside town of Whitley Bay with his wife Alison; daughter Emily, 17; and son Liam, 19. Lee worked manual jobs most of his life, serving in the armed forces as an infantry soldier for 3 years, building cars in the Nissan factory for 4 years, leading a team in a microchip clean room, and also learned a trade as a skilled plasterer.

St John The Baptist pg.jpg

Lee always had a creative urge and has always found a means of expression through poetry, writing countless poems throughout his life. It wasn’t until in his 30s that Lee started to transfer his passion for creativity into a visual form and began painting landscapes and taking art more seriously.

Caravaggio's St. John The Baptist, 2019. Oil on linen. 

Rams skull.jpg

Due to family commitments, it wouldn’t be until the age of 44,  and with full support from family that Lee would attend the Edinburgh Atelier of Fine Art for 2 full years, successfully developing and improving his skills up to his full palette level.

Lee’s art is driven by his fascination with human potential and how some people seem to transcend what seems possible, but in reality, is an obsession to push ourselves to levels we couldn’t dream were possible. Art is the gateway for Lee to constantly be pushing his boundaries and see where it will lead and he hopes to create pieces that uplift and inspire.

Ram's Skull, 2018. Oil on canvas.


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