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Max’s figures and portraiture

focus on capturing the reality and

the true character of his subject.


Max Mansbridge-West (b. 1993) is a UK artist, classically trained in representational art at the London Atelier of Representational Art (LARA), and self-taught. Max has exhibited throughout the country and will be exhibiting at various galleries over the coming months.

Emma 1.jpg

Max’s figures and portraiture focus on capturing the reality and true character of his subject. Max likes to play with and test out paint fluidity. He aims to push the brush as if he were writing poetically, with the vast diversity of brush strokes delicately pulling the light out through the painting.

Emma, 2018. Oil on canvas.

Julie 1.jpg

Max takes joy from manipulating abstract shapes that cast light on to his chosen subject; choosing colour notes and harmonies to create a clearer insight of what is there and what intrigues him most.

He looks for personal interest around his life trying to grasp a closer knowledge of himself and having no limits of what or where to find it.

Julie, 2019. Oil on canvas.


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Max is a highly recognised artist and received several awards for his work.

Royal Institute of Oil Painters Annual Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London  –  ‘Creature Comfort’ awarded Second Prize in the Winsor & Newton Young Artist Awards
Royal Society of British Artists Exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London  – ‘Cat’ awarded Highly Commended by The de Laszlo Foundation
Royal Society of British Artists 301st Exhibition at Mall Galleries, London – Awarded the Gordon Hulson Memorial Prize for Variety, Draughtsmanship and Exploration for ‘Self-Portrait’, and Highly Commended by the De Lazlo Foundation for ‘Mica’

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