Michael's work is a celebration of his education in classical painting. 


Michaels work is an academic diary. He documents his love for representational painting through miniature studies derived from masterworks.

These studies illustrate the process through which one learns to paint realistically. One of the oldest academic traditions is studying from masters to learn their techniques and Michael's work is a celebration of his education in classical painting.


Michael partly shares the joy of painting with his work, this joy comes from the realisation that there are inherently solutions to the problems of how to represent effectively, they lie in gaining knowledge and experience. He views the painting process as a structure for addressing complex and difficult creative puzzles. It reflects the subject matter, using a rich “Neapolitan” of techniques that refer directly to the history of oil painting and more modern experimental methods.

Miniature Portrait Study - After Cave, 2019. Oil on canvas.


Michael is currently the head instructor at London Road Atelier, a school for the realistic arts in Glasgow, Scotland.

Skye, 2020. Oil on canvas.