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The Sinclair Gallery is proud to exhibit Oliver's impeccable oil paintings.


Oliver Jones is a realist artist from East Lothian, Scotland. Nearby, at the Edinburgh Atelier of Fine art, Oliver studied drawing and painting in the classical realist style, and went on to teach at the Atelier upon his graduation.


Still life and portraiture are his main areas of focus, with a desire to replicate natural beauty at the core of his work. Oliver's work has been exhibited in many prestigious collections, most recently at the Royal Society of Portrait Painters exhibition in London.

Mercury, 2019. Oil on canvas.


"It is important for me to feel passionate about my subject before I have laid down the first brush stroke."

"I trained in drawing and painting at the Edinburgh Atelier of Fine Art. Although I paint in a classical-realist style, I try to resist the temptation to idealise and soften, but rather I wish to depict my subject as accurately as possible in order to capture natural beauty as I observe it." -Oliver Jones

White Lisianthuses, 2019. Oil on canvas.