What you need to know 

This workshop will help you to understand structure of face in term of shapes, planes change, and value by using lines and value rendering. You will learn the techniques of mastering expressive portraiture drawings with vine charcoal, charcoal pencils on drawing papers and tonal papers. Reference will be both photographic and from life. All levels are welcome.


Wednesday 22nd June 2022 - Sunday 26th June 2022


The Heritage Centre, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire


£850 (£100 Deposit)

Materials you will need

  • Extra Soft Vine Charcoal

  • Willow Charcoal

  • A pad of 18 by 24 inch Strathmore 70 lbs Drawing Paper. Medium Surface

  • A pad of 18 by 24 inch Smooth Newsprint

  • 4B and 6B drawing pencils, General's Brand Charcoal

  • White Pastel Drawing Pencils, General's Brand

  • Gray Toned Charcoal Paper, Any Mid Tone Gray

  • Kneaded Eraser

  • Final Faxitif

Additional Information

1. The deposit fee of £100 will be deducted from the balance of the booking.

2. Maximum 20-25 students per class. We will be assessing and implementing any covid-19 safety measures that remain in place at that time, to ensure the safest environment we can. We will be issuing separate details on covid protective measures implemented.


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Oliver will guide you through making competent portrait drawings from live models in this five-days, step-by-step demonstrations workshop.


Oliver Sin

Oliver has always been deeply inspired by the 20th Century Master artist Nicolai Fechin, Oliver employs his influence in creating sensitive, emotional and dramatic portraits in vine charcoal.


To capture the insight and warmth of each subject, then transfer it from life to drawing paper is Oliver’s motivation, to leave behind an essence of personality on drawing paper, along with intense personal feelings, is Oliver’s attempt to reveal his approach towards art and life.


Oliver Sin is an alumnus from Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA, with a BFA in Illustration. Right after he graduated in 1996, he started his art career as a computer game concept artist in Lucas Arts. Since 2001 until now, Oliver has returned to his own school to be an art professor for the School of Fine Arts and 2D Animation.


Oliver has been so drawn to art even as a little boy, he once recalled that he started drawing at the age of 3.  Somehow, portraiture just seems to be his favourite form of expression which he constantly practices, not only as an art professor, but as a favourite hobby as well.


Since 2011, Oliver has been lucky enough to come across a few distinguished contemporary artists as his mentors, Zhaoming Wu, Henry Yan and Chung-Wei Chien. Their tireless guidance has urged him to put greater efforts in capturing fleeting human expressions and paying more attention to precise composition in figurative portraits.


Oliver’s first art book, “Drawing the Head for Artists” was published in summer 2019 and his portrait has won the Exceptional Merit Award of the International Portrait Society's portrait competition out of 2968 international entries.


Oliver Sin's portrait of his dad has won the "First Place Drawing" and "People's Choice Award" at the Portrait Society of America 22nd Annual International Portrait Competition out of 2660 submissions internationally. His works were also featured on TIME magazine covers of Virginia Woolf and Emmy Noether of "100 Women of The Year" in 2020.

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