Paul Stone is a master of still life, often focussing on nature, fruits and vegetables.


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It was whilst studying Art History in the late 1990’s that Paul started painting, and then continued to paint part time alongside various jobs, leading to becoming Painting Lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University.  After completing his Masters in Contemporary Fine Art in 2008, Paul took the decision to create artworks full time and focused his painting practice on still life compositions. 

Now enjoying a growing reputation in this genre, Paul has won several awards since becoming a professional artist, including Artists and Illustrators “Still Life Artist of the Year 2010”, The Thoresby Gallery Award (twice), The Contemporary Open 1st Prize, and more recently, the Jacksons Open Painting Still Life Award 2019. 

At the core of Paul’s work is the search for a precision of focus on the formal properties of mundane objects that have an everyday, unremarkable presence in our lives.   Aside from the fresh fruit and vegetables, inanimate objects are gathered from local charity and second hand shops, as they also record a previous unknown transient moment when they are suddenly cast out for whatever reason. 

His oil paintings normally have a simple and striking composition, dramatically lit, giving the subject a central stage presence, allowing the audience to closely view objects that are instantly recognisable but rarely studied in detail.  The paintings are traditional in approach and application (having a feel of classical realism), but look contemporary in their presentation. 

This results in fresh, yet familiar and nostalgic content, and for Paul a more intimate relationship with their representation, that has won him many admirers across the country.  

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