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Oblivion_82x135cm_Oil on Canvas.jpg


A formally trained architect and gifted artist, the current theme of Pippa's art is to capture beauty in moments of solitude.


Born 1992, from the UK,  Pippa is a contemporary realism artist working primarily with oils and digital drawings. Having completed a formal architectural education in 2018, she has since been able to devote her spare time to pursue her passion for painting and creating art.
While trained as an Architect, throughout Pippa's life she has continued to paint and draw. 

Isolation Self Portrait_30x30cm_Oil on Aluminium Panel.jpg

In 2021 I was awarded 2nd place in the Boynes Emerging Artist Award, 5th Edition.

In 2020 my work “The Fall” was awarded Honourable Mention within the Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize.

My painting “Oblivion” is part of The Peregrine Collection, among the most diverse collections of contemporary cultural work assembled for launch into space, and is believed to be the first ever project to place the work of women artists on the Moon. Headed by payload coordinator and curator Dr. Samuel Peralta, launching early 2022.

Isolation , 2020. Oil on Aluminium panel.

The Fall_120x120cm_Oil on Canvas.jpg

"I always intend to create images that are beautiful, not just aesthetically, yet in the care and attention paid to the creation of the
works at each stage of the process."

- Pippa 

The Fall, Oil on Canvas.

Submerge_101x101cm_Oil on Canvas.jpg

The current theme of my work is to capture beauty in moments of solitude.
The works comprise of a figure, my beloved cousin - a talented fire performer, submerged in a body of coloured water.

For me, bathing is a method to soothe ourselves, and when we submerge ourselves underneath, for those few moments we are
simply a body suspended beneath the water, with just the sound of our breathing to accompany us.


I think there is a beauty within
that fleeting moment and my recent works are a way of trying to capture that feeling.


Submerge, 2019. Oil on Canvas.

The work has a personal sentimental significance. My cousin and I have a strong bond, and spent a much of our childhood playing


Growing up we both experienced the loss of a parent at a young age and in adulthood we are unable to spend as much
time together as we once did.


The creation of my current body of work allowed us to relive our childlike whimsy and rekindle our
love and support for one another.

Daydream , digital sketch.


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