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Exhibition Info

The Sinclair Gallery is delighted to present its premier Exhibition, “Striving For Truth”. 


"Realism is striving for truth, and truth is always beautiful." - Andrei Tarkovsky

What is truth in Art? Is it beauty, realism? What does it all mean? The Sinclair Gallery offers the audience a unique opportunity to find their own truths amongst the paintings and drawings,  and acquaint them with their own experiences and desires.

The 19th century saw the powerful movement of Realism emerge onto the Art scene after traditional painting methods were stripped of their stylistic principles and artistic idealism. Realism features accurate representations of social, political, religious beliefs, economic structures and events which are undoubtedly even more prevalent in today’s world and therefore fill the viewers demand for information, knowledge and power. 


With such a vivid and large variety of styles available in the Art industry, it can become overwhelming and overcrowded. Who can really decide what constitutes  ‘good Art’ when there is so much out there?


This exhibition revisits  Realism through painting and drawing and showcases an amazing collection of the ‘truth’ through narrative, technical ability, and ambition. The gallery provokes talent and technique with each Artist and highlights what is to come with this rare and dedicated exposition. 


By representing the likes of James Earley,  Nick Anderson & Ewan Mcnaughton, realism is brought back to life with a collection of Artworks full of narrative, understanding and inclusivity.

"At what point do you stop looking for the truth?"


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