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Yasin oil oil on canvas 52x76xm by james earley.jpg

“’s the hope. The hope hits you very, very hard. And the togetherness. When you see people who don’t have anything material-wise and yet have everything humbles you, and it inspires you.”

- James Earley speaking about his visit to Bangladesh with Friendship.



James is a world-leading hyperrealism artist whose work largely centres around a genre called 'social realism' - art that draws attention to socio-political conditions of the less privileged and critiques the power structures that have given rise to such conditions and inequalities. 

James's previous series include studies of homeless people, victims of war, and religious martyrs. His stunning artistic skill combined with his passion to draw attention to these social issues has garnered attention and admiration from many including several prestigious nominations, awards, and recognitions. More information on James as well as a gallery of his work can be found here.

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Friendship is an international organisation that addresses global challenges and the needs of communities that they serve, including communities in Bangladesh. 

Their commitments centre around four goals: saving lives, poverty alleviation, climate adaptation, and empowerment. Their work in Bangladesh began by introducing a hospital ship to bring healthcare to rural communities, but it soon became clear that access to healthcare was only one of many issues that needed to be addressed to improve the people's lives there.

Bangladesh is located on an extremely vulnerable part of the Earth in terms of natural disasters which means that climate change is having a severe and disastrous impact there.

Friendship is fighting climate change in Bangladesh through several initiatives including planting mangrove tree forests, building flood-safe villages, introducing green energy to communities, establishing disaster management committees, training farmers in adaptive agriculture techniques, and implementing climate change-friendly construction standards at a government level.

You can find out more about Friendship by clicking here.



'Togetherness' has a dual purpose: to raise awareness in the UK of the impact of climate change on the remote areas of Bangladesh, and also to celebrate the spirit of community and 'togetherness' that the local community are showing in response to the immense pressure placed on them. 

James visited several parts of Bangladesh with Friendship and spoke with the people in the local communities about how they coped with the inevitability of frequent natural disasters and the rapidly growing pressure of climate change. The paintings displayed at this exhibition are of these people.

When: Saturday 9th November - Monday 5th December

Where: The Sinclair Gallery, 126 High Street, Rickmansworth, WD3 1AB

Tickets: Entry is free, no need to book

“I hope that when someone sees my paintings, that they don't walk by. That my paintings grab hold of them and silently scream and demand attention. And I hope that the client will then walk up to the painting and look into the eye of the person that I paint and will be able to see from the eye the emotion...feel the emotion...and see the story in the eyes. And I hope that will stay with them forever and inspire them to help people."

- James Earley speaking about the paintings he created following his visit to Bangladesh with Friendship.

james earley bangladesh boat.JPG
Yasin oil oil on canvas 52x76xm by james earley.jpg

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